For Windows 10


To setup




1)Right click on the Network icon





2) Click in Open Network and Sharing Center





3) Click on  Set up a new connections or network





4) Select Connect to a workplace and Click Next





5) Select the first option which will create a new connection. Click Next to proceed to next step.





6) Select Use my Internet connection (VPN) option.





7) First, key in the internet address. Second, key in the destination name. This is to name the connection which will be easier for you to identify your VPN connection if you were to have multiple other VPN connection. Make sure only check the Remember my credentials option. The rest must be unchecked.




Before Establish Connection





8) Right click on the Network icon





9) Click on Open Network and Sharing Center



10) Click on Change Adapter Settings





11) Right Click on the VPN connection which was created earlier and select Properties





12) Select the Network Tab. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4





13) Click on Properties





14) Click on Advanced





15) Uncheck Use default gateway on remote network and Click OK. Close all the other windows by Clicking on the OK button.






To Establish Connection





16) Left click on the Network Icon





17 Click on the VPN Connection that has been created earlier







18) Click on the VPN Connection that you want to connect





19) Click Connect





20) Key in the username and password. Click on to establish connection