1. Payment Terms
    1. All Payment is due within 30 days of the services being rendered. 
    2. Only Ringgit Malaysia will be accepted as the payment currency.
    3. Late charges will be applied if the payment is not made within 15 days from the date of the invoice issued with an additional 15% of the total sum of the invoice.
    4. Below are the list of payment that we will accept:-
      1. Online Banking
        1. All online payment transactions must be accompanied by the clients’ payment slip(s) as proof of payment.
        2. Any services and products paid via Interbank-Giro (IBG)/Instant Transfer will only be rendered after the transaction has been cleared by the bank.
      2. Card Payment (Credit and Debit Card)
        1. Any services and products paid using card payment method will be rendered once the payment has been cleared.
      3. Cheque
        1. Any services or products paid by cheques will only be rendered after the cheque has been cleared by the bank.
        2. If the cheque bounced, we will revert to the client on the issue before proceeding any further.
        3. All cheques payment must be accompanied by the clients’ payment slip(s) as proof of payment.
    5. Please note that we will NOT accept any cash payment for our invoices.
    6. All on-demand services will be required to be paid in full in order to be activated. List of services includes:-
      1. Digital Services
        1. Hosting Services
          1. Shared Hosting
          2. VPS Hosting
        2. Domain Name
        3. Web Security
        4. Web Content Management
        5. Web Development
        6. Web Design
        7. Custom Web/System Development
      2. Software-as-a-Service
        1. Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office 365
        2. Google Workspace
      3. ICT Managed Services
        1. IT Support Service
        2. Network Management Service
      4. Business Continuity/Backup Solution
    7. For all hardware purchases
      1. Client(s) who are less than 1 months old and/or have less than 20 purchases are required to pay FULL TOTAL SUM before receiving the product.
      2. Client(s) who are more than 6 months old and/or have more than 20 purchases are given a 30 days payment term.
      3. Client(s) who has a long term services with The IT Guys is given 30 days payment term

  2. Refund Policy
    1. Should you not satisfied with your purchase(s) or service(s), please do let us know by emailing to support@theitguys.my
    2. Refund is subjected to type of purchase(s) that has been made. 
      1. Hardware Purchase
        1. No refund is accept to these type of purchases. Should there be any defect to the product, the purchase will be processed under warranty.
        2. Unless the hardware specification did not match the requirement that was agree and paid for, further arrangement will be made and subject to approval.
      2. Service/Subscription Purchase
        1. Refund will be processed based on subject and subject to approval.
        2. No refund is allowed any service(s) or subscription(s) after 48 hours from payment is made.
    3. Should you have any questions pertaining refund or would like to request a refund, please do not hesitate to contact us.