NOTE: As of 31st January 2020, all customers, existing and new, must sign the new Microsoft Customer Agreement. The Microsoft Cloud Agreement is retired and the acceptance of Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCuA) by end customers are now mandatory for them to create new tenants, increase/decrease seats or suspend subscriptions through their CSP resellers. It just an agreement between you and Microsoft for using their services plus the services and support that you are entitled to.

Please visit Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCuA) to know more about the agreement.

The Microsoft Cloud Agreement protects partners, customers and Microsoft by providing the customer’s use rights, terms, and conditions granted for Microsoft Cloud product and service orders. Customer is responsible for reviewing the Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA) with customers, which governs the acceptable use of Microsoft products and services.

From 7th November 2018 onwards, it will be a mandatory requirement from Microsoft for all Microsoft Partners to confirm that their customers have accepted the Microsoft Cloud Agreement terms. As your Preferred Microsoft Partner, you’ll receive the Microsoft Customer Agreement from your us. Failure to do so may impact the ability to alter subscription details.

The IT Guys will only be able to make new purchases or edits to a subscription for new or existing customers after you, our Microsoft Tenant, have confirmed acceptance of Microsoft Cloud Agreement.

How do you sign Microsoft Cloud Agreement with us?

Once you have selected us as your Microsoft Preferred Partner, as our Microsoft Tenant,

  1. You will be receive invoicing for your Microsoft products and services.
  2. Then, you’ll receive the Microsoft Cloud Agreement from your us.
  3. Kindly INITIAL on all the pages and on the LAST page, full signature with company stamp with the signed date.
  4. Once signed, please email us back the signed document via the same email that was sent to you.

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